Dick Cheney Joins Team Trump

In spite of Trump’s bashing of the Bush administration during the campaign, former Vice President Dick Cheney is back in the headlines aiding Trump’s efforts to select Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State:

At the start of the week, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) seemed bent on opposing the nomination of Rex Tillerson for secretary of state.

By the end of it, Rubio had heard directly from former vice president Richard B. Cheney, according to a person with knowledge of the conversation, as well as other key supporters of the ExxonMobil chief executive.

So Cheney, a former executive of Halliburton – the world’s largest oil processing company – is going to bat to help confirm Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil – the world’s largest oil company. ExxonMobil has a massive deal lined up to dig Russian oil, but the deal is held up by American sanctions against Russia for their misadventures in Ukraine. If the ExxonMobil deal becomes reality, the Russian economy would be massively revived, seriously improving Putin’s power in global affairs, while simultaneously harming the environment.

With Trump and Tillerson at the helm of American foreign policy, not only is the ExxonMobil deal suddenly much likelier to move forward, but other pesky obstacles like the Paris climate accord can also be canceled. A Trump administration promises to let oil companies run wild drilling the oil that climate scientists say must be kept in the ground to avoid disaster. And when ExxonMobil moves to dig that untapped Russian oil, they may need a company like Halliburton to help.

Recall that Dick Cheney was one of the lead architects of the United States’ disastrous decision to invade Iraq. Cheney personally received a handsome severance from Halliburton who ended up making billions off the war. Seeing as how Cheney was willing to launch a war to make money, he’s clearly not above fighting for the oil power on the international stage.

The alignment of Trump and Cheney’s interests is further evidence that Trump’s campaign promises to drain the swamp were nothing more than slogans to con the electorate. After criticizing the Bush administration – particularly its decision to invade Iraq – Trump is suddenly collaborating with the man who best represents the establishment his supporters thought they were voting against.

Tillerson’s alignment with Putin is a bipartisan concern:

Tillerson is opposed by many Republicans and Democrats who are suspicious of his perceived close ties to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, who has worked with ExxonMobil on energy deals.

Yet he is also backed by a small army of hawkish GOP luminaries and deep-pocketed donors. Robert M. Gates, a former CIA director and former defense secretary, personally recommended Tillerson in a meeting with Trump. Condoleezza Rice, the former secretary of state, made the same recommendation to Vice President-elect Mike Pence….

Rice and Gates run a consulting firm that counts ExxonMobil as a client.

Just to clarify, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates work for a consulting firm that is employed by ExxonMobil to lobby Senators to confirm Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, to Trump’s cabinet in order to loosen sanctions against Russia which would allow a billion dollar project for ExxonMobil to move forward. Meanwhile, leaks now show that Tillerson even runs a Russian oil company.

The conflict of interest and outright corruption here is self-evident. If Trump acts to lift sanctions against Russia, promote the ExxonMobil project in Russia, and manages to enrich himself in the process, he will be the most successful traitor to commit treason against the United States in history.


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