The White Nerd Resentment Driving the Fascist ‘Alt-Right’

Willliam Osterwell at Real Life Mag, explores one of the major components of the Trump faction:

As liberals sneer at the “ignorant” middle American white Trump voters, Trump’s most vocal young advocates — and the youthful base of American fascist movements going forward — are not the anti-intellectual culture warriors or megachurch moralists of the flyover states. Though the old cultural right still makes up much of Trump’s voting base, the intelligence-fetishizing “rationalists” of the new far right, keyboard warriors who love pedantic argument and rhetorical fallacies are the shock troops of the new fascism. These disgruntled nerds feel victimized by a thwarted meritocracy that has supposedly been torn down by SJWs and affirmative action. Rather than shoot-from-the-hip Christians oppressed by book-loving coastal elites, these nerds see themselves silenced by anti-intellectual politically correct censors, cool kids, and hipsters who fear true rational debate.

The essay traces the development of the most vocal group in Trump’s coalition and the group responsible for much of the backlash culture we’ve seen in the Social Media Age. Its founding myth  – the jock bullying the nerd – itself was a backlash to the social upheavals of the 60s and 70s, served to show that the White Nerd was aggrieved and oppressed but typically more deserving than those who oppressed them. It is easy to see how this dynamic was easily transposed to various minority groups in an age where social movements are challenging outmoded privileges – the White Nerd, incessantly and  wrongfully denied these privileges, views the people who attack these privileges (pejoratively called “SJWs”) as the enemy.  It is no accident that Breitbart powered both GamerGate and the Trump campaign.



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