The Watchtower Mission

At the Watchtower, our mission is to be a beacon of clarity in bewildering times. We aim to provide big picture insight into today’s global issues, while including historical context totally missing from most news coverage. Our focus is to expose the machinations of the deep state, the surveillance state, and the militarized police state; to interpret current events from an anti-corporate perspective; and to illustrate how major events are interconnected.

Comprehending the deluge of current events can be daunting, so we provide a lens through which our readers may grasp what exactly is happening around the world. If the news leaves you confused these days, you may be missing a few key pieces of information:

The global elite are driving our world toward environmental, economic and political catastrophe.

The Climate Wars have begun. State and private actors are scrambling to secure access to dwindling natural resources. The world powers are responding by erecting a surveillance apparatus unprecedented in scale, and building a militarized police state to enforce the will of transnational corporations and banks against the wishes of restive populations worldwide. Protests against systemic failure and corruptions have spread across borders and continents.

The end goal of capitalism is approaching: the total extraction of wealth and natural resources from the common people of the world and the centralization of power within the hands of ultra-wealthy oligarchs who hold governments captive to their interests.  The neoliberal order has destroyed the environment and created gross inequities between nations. Authoritarianism is rising as an alternative to democratic institutions.

Without understanding these facts, most major news events cannot be properly understood. Usually, these are the exact facts deemed too radical or taboo to discuss. The Watchtower will fearlessly tell the stories that reveal the profound scale of the crisis our civilization faces and explore ways for the world to move forward.

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